Why is SLS Dangerous?

Look at any ordinary personal care product ingredient list like shampoo or soap and you will be sure to see as a major ingredient SLS or Sodium Laurel Sulfate.  SLS is essentially a lathering agent used as a detergent. It helps separate dirt particles from hair and skin. What may shock you is that this ingredient is also found in industrial strength cleaners as well. The addition of SLS may seem harmless since it’s use is so widespread but more research has made it clear that the use of SLS in personal care products can actually cause some skin and internal health problems.

What problems can SLS cause?

SLS is a chemical that can be absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. Our bodies are exposed to countless chemicals on a daily basis and it is becoming more clear that these chemical agents can lead to serious problems with overuse. One of the most common chemicals is SLS.  A minor and yet troublesome problem that can arise is that of skin irritation due to use and contact with SLS. If you have noticed a burning in your scalp or itchy patches of dermatitis on your skin it is very likely products containing SLS are to blame.

Other issues with prolonged use and absorption of SLS can lead to include autoimmune diseases and the potential of multiple kinds of cancer attacking your system. While more studies are need SLS can most assuredly be linked to some serious health concerns due to the chemical entering your bloodstream.

Protect yourself and your family

Steer clear of products that contain SLS by looking for natural options labeled “sulfate free”. All of our products at Natural is Better are SLS free.  Not every organic or natural product is created equal so pay attention to the ingredients list and start protecting yourself from the harmful effects of SLS today.

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