Top 6 Benefits of Organic Deodorant

To maintain optimal health and well being, you make sure the food you put into your body has the shortest  journey from source to table as possible. What you put on your body is just as important. Here are just a few of the reasons why making the switch to organic deodorant is a great move towards a healthier – and fresher! – lifestyle.

 You can pronounce every single ingredient. Baking soda. Witch hazel. Mineral salts. Water. Rosemary, safe, lemongrass, and tea tree essential oils. In addition to pronounceable, these natural ingredients are safe, effective and lightly and pleasantly scented.

You ditch the toxic chemicals. Traditional deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum compounds, propylene glycol, silica, and steareths, among others. You are essentially applying carcinogens, skin, eye, and lung irritants, endocrine and fertility disruptors, and birth defect agents to your skin. Aluminum, for example, has been linked to Alzheimer s. These hazardous compounds are easily absorbed into the body.

You prevent bad odour. Wait a moment! Does typical antiperspirant stop odour? Well… the aluminum compounds clog your pores, thus preventing them from releasing sweat. That sweat doesn’t just disappear; it has to go somewhere. So it becomes blocked up behind the ducts and trapped under your skin; the bacteria that digests perspiration causes its own less-than-fresh odour. An organic product allows your body to sweat – as it should – without fostering the smell-producing bacteria. (Remember, sweat does not smell! It’s the bacteria that smells.)

You keep your skin smoother. You may notice that your underarms are bumpy or maybe even inflamed. You can thank your antiperspirant.When you opt for an organic version, you will find that you feel more fresh and that you achieve a smoother, cleaner shave without the irritation.

You save your clothes. We’ve all been there: our favourite white blouse is ruined with a yellowish stain. The so-called “pit stain” is one of the most stubborn. Again, that’s down to the aluminum in typical deodorant products. With organic options, you can keep your clothes as fresh as you keep yourself.

You’ll feel amazing. Via Nature Sweet Orange/Lemongrass Roll On Deodorant, for example, is free of aluminum, parabens, artificial – and cloying – fragrances and glutens. You receive natural protection and a light fresh scent of citrus and lemongrass. Simply delightful.

Try organic deodorant; you’ll find it is an incredibly easy way to treat your body well.

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