Taming the Frizz: Get Your Curly Hair Under Control

Love your curls? So do we! They’re fun, free, sexy and sassy. But, on a bad hair day, curls can go rogue. When frizz attacks, fight back.
Here’s a 5 step strategy to get the sleek, bouncy curls you want – and get rid of the fuzzy mess you don’t.
1: Moisturise.
We cannot stress this enough. You have got to nourish your hair, and curls crave moisture. Now, picture each strand of hair like a roof with shingles. It’s best if they are flat. When curly hair is exposed to water, the “shingles” open up so your hair can take a drink. The problem is that this creates frizz. Moisturising sufficiently keeps the shingles flat. Your hair is already hydrated and happy.
Try Earth Science Ceramide Care Curl & Frizz Control Conditioner. In addition to exceptional moisturising, it smooths, softens and infuses hair with wonderful ingredients, such as shea butter, jojoba, acai oils, passion fruit and argan. Your hair will be shiny, silky and deliciously curly. Before you rinse it out, comb or brush your hair.

2: Use product properly.

You’ve got a great curl-enhancing, frizz-busting product. But you may be wasting it if you go by the conventional wisdom to towel-dry and apply. We all love our hot showers, but for the sake of your hair, turn it down as cold as you can tolerate to seal in moisture. Then, while it’s dripping wet, apply your product. Yes, in the shower! Life -changing, right? Scrunch from the ends up. Every curly-haired girl knows the “scrunch.”

3: Let your hair air dry.

Hair dryers are an invitation for frizz. They open the cuticle back up – if you’ve made the commitment to finish your shower with a cold rinse, you’ll undo that sacrifice with a hair dryer. Air dry, air dry, air dry. If you absolutely must, wait about 20 minutes and use a dryer with a diffuser. Make sure you don’t completely dry your hair, though. The frizz isn’t fooled by diffusers.

4: Do NOT touch it!

When you have great curls, people love to touch them. Don’t you do it! In the shower, you’ve moisturised, brushed and applied product. Using a t-shirt or a microfibre towel, gently, scrunch your hair (bottom to top, always) and squeeze to absorb water. Then, hands off!

5: One more scrunch.

You want your hair to be curly, not crunchy. But the crunch is a key ally in fighting frizz. Once your hair is completely dry, scrunch (you guessed it: ends to roots) gently. For extra impact, bend over and flip your hair over your head before you scrunch.

Great curls don’t have to be high-maintenance. There is no extra work here – just a different way to do the steps you already do. The results, though, will be very different!

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