Dr Dennis Sepp, an organic chemist began exploring natural alternatives for hair and skin care and set up Shikai, the company in 1970. The name is taken from the Indian herbal shikakai (acacia concinna) with a natural low pH and excellent cleansing properties for hair. Dr Sepp developed an extract and called it shikai, like the company! This soap and detergent-free ingredient became the cornerstone of a family run company that 46 years later, is still run by Dr Sepp, his son Jason and daughter Hilary. Their mission is simple: to provide the safest and most effective body care products possible. It isn't just that they use the highest quality natural ingredients, it is also that they have the knowledge and expertise to create truly effective formulations that deliver real results at affordable prices.

Shikai provides a unique set of mild, yet thoroughly cleansing shampoos that leave hair shining and healthy. These come as Every day, volumising, colour care, tea tree and henna varieties to suit all hair types.

They have also created a Colour Reflect Range of Shampoos and Conditioners that protect colour treated hair with UV filters and bring out and enhance certain tones, naturally and safely. With no synthetic ingredients.

Moisturising soap-free shower gels (gentle enough for children and people with sensitive skin) in 5 fragrances as well as the corresponding 5 Hand and Body lotions that use high concentrations of pure aloe vera, wheatgerm & apricot oils to leave skin feeling supple and healthy.

Plus the award winning and clinically proven borage facial skin care line for inflamed and sensitive skin types. This includes a natural foot cream for fast relief of dry & itchy skin!