What Our Customers Say....

We are pleased to let you know that we have received the parcel with our order this morning. Many thanks for your excellent service and f...
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Ms C,
Thank you for the very prompt delivery of my order which I received exactly as stated by Interlink today. Very impressive.

Mrs. B, United Kingdom
Just to say thank you for such first class service. I only ordered my products products yesterday and they were delivered this morning. Than...
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Ms S, Norwich
I received my order today. Many thanks for the swift and efficient service!

Ms M, London
Thank you very much for fast reply and shipment! I really look forward to this dye as I am hoping to cover my first few grays.

Mrs B, Solvenia
Just to say thank-you for your prompt service; I received my order today and I look forward to washing my hair!

Ms G,
Hi! Thank you so much for the samples you sent me- they were amazing and I found my favourite eye cream! Will definitely buy soon!

Ms P,
i just wanted to say thank you for being such a nice shop. your product are amazing and some extra samples in each of my order are always n...
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Miss S, Bristol
Thanks Sam, it arrived well packed (in a lovely re-usable brown box!) and I am very happy, thank you

Mrs G, Devon
Just wanted to let you know I ordered the dark brown (from Amazon) and I am really pleased with the results. It's didn't go really dark at a...
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Ms J,
Well done on your new line of products!! Especially the new Biotin shampoo & conditioner and also the reformulated Island Natural conditione...
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Ms M,
thank you for sending my order so promptly. Your products are excellent. My last order arrived very quickly.

Ms D, Morecambe
Thank you for a fantastic service! My order arrived yesterday, I was very impressed. I have been using Aubrey products for several years now...
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Tammie, Kent
Very kind of you Sam...I think Aubrey have a wonderful range of products and my partner was very surprised and pleased when I presented her ...
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Mike, Hampshire
Since I switched to all natural, organic products, the texture of my skin has changed dramatically. I wish I had found you out earlier, so I...
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Andrea, Spain
Thank you very much. That is very good customer service :-)

Suzie, Hampshire
What fabulous service - thank you very much!! Yesterday was the first time I had ordered from you - I loved the product, which is why I am ...
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Ms G, Surrey
Thanks Mandy, will arrive just in time for a birthday present. Delighted with your service.

Ms D, Leigh, Lancashire
Thank you for your excellent customer service - replacement received today - much appreciated.

Ms Y, Dagenham, Essex
That's awesome! Thank you so much for the excellent service!

Ms V, Netherlands
Thanks for the prompt service, my order arrived the NEXT DAY.

Ms M, UK
Thanks for your fantastic products they have changed my skin's life!

Miss D, Kent
Many thanks for the extremely fast despatch, top rate service!

Ms P, UK
Received my order today thanks. I recently started using Aubrey products and find them absolutely brilliant. Each new one I order seems to ...
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Ms L, Ireland
Goods have arrived safely, many thanks for your efficient service again.

Mrs S, Leics
I never write reviews because am too busy. But, i have to say i think Aubrey products are brilliant. LOVE them. I am prepared to pay the m...
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Mrs M,
Such excellent service!

Ms N, Carshalton, Surrey
Thanks for the great service!

Ms C, Newport
Thank you very much for the speedy dispatch.

Mrs S, Staffordshire
I have received the products a day after I send the mail. I am very pleased about them and about the service.

Ms T, Mid Glamorgan
You are realy fast :). Thank you very much.

Mrs S, Romania
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! finally found a fantastic hair dye that is completely natural and really works!! I just love your colour m...
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Ms S, Cornwall
I just had to email you and say have wonderful the Island Naturals shampoo and conditioner are. Every item I have purchased from Aubrey...
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Ms L, Cheshire
Many thanks for your confirmation, just received now!! Great service!

Miss J, Oxford
Crikey, that's efficient! Thank you very much.

Mrs N, Cambridge
Very pleased with the speed of delivery, and the excellent quality of the products. Looking forward to placing many future orders with you. ...
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Mrs W, Cheshire
Thank you for the brilliant service. I will definitely shop again.

Mr W, Buckinghamshire
Thank you, the parcel was received this morning - I was amazed at how quickly it arrived!

Mrs M, Surrey
Good morning, I recently placed an order with you and was impressed with swift delivery. I am extremely pleased with the Deodorant and shamp...
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Mrs M, London
Thank you for letting me know all is well with my order. Appreciate it. Will be sure to recommend your site.

Mrs T, Suffolk
Thank you so much. I was so pleased with my first previous and the facial products, I decided to try the hair products as well. I will let y...
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Mrs E, Kingswinford
I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the service. I placed my first order on Friday lunchtime. Received an order confirmation ...
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Mrs B, Cheshire
Thank you very much, it's a very impressive service!

Miss H, Somerset
Wow that's fast, thank you very much! I am really looking forward to trying out these great sounding products

Mrs W, Hampshire
I am just dropping you a quick note to say 'Thank You' as I placed an order on Wednesday evening for some products which I received this mor...
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Mrs F, East Sussex
That was very prompt and efficient. Many thanks and best wishes.

Mrs W, West Sussex
Many thanks! I was really pleased with the last items I ordered. Best wishes.

Miss B, Cambs
Unbelievable service - THANK YOU!

Mr J, Surrey
Appreciate your speedy service, as always

Mrs E, Devon
My second order and again fantastic service! Thank you very much

Miss S, Surrey
I'm a new customer to this brand and I wish to congratulate you on your swift delivery. I couldn't believe it when the postman arrived the n...
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Ms M, Antrim
I would like to share with you that since using the shampoo & body wash that I bought last time, my toddler has stoped scratching his ne...
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Mrs T, London
Thanks for my order, which arrived this morning after i placed it only yesterday online. What a brilliant service. I'm looking forward to fi...
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Mrs G, Cornwall
Hi, Just to let you know the order arrived today around 10:00 am. Thank you very much, I had a phone call from the courier company as well.

Mrs R, East Sussex
Many thanks for the quick postage, very much appreciated.

Mr B, Lancashire
Thank you for your prompt delivery and lovely products which I am looking forward to using.

Miss S, Hampshire
Just wanted to say that I thank you for your products, I think they are great. I recently ordered your Green tea moisturizer (I tried a samp...
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Miss H, Cottingham
Thank you very much for prompt delivery received today.

Mrs T, Rutland
Thanks very much for confirming and for the super quick service!

Mrs K, Switzerland
Nice to get some good customer service these days! Many Thanks.

Mrs M, Sunderland
My Aubrey products arrived this morning - thank you for such swift skin already feels softer!

Miss C, Yorkshire
Blimey that's quick! Thank you very much

Mrs M, Woking
Thank you very much! can't wait to get them :) love your products!

Mrs M, Herts
Lastly, I wanted to say how much I love the products that you have sent me. I also want to say how great the customer service has been - ver...
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Ms P, St Albans
Thanks for letting me know and the prompt service. I have been getting allergic reactions i think to normal soap so hoping that Aubrey will ...
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Mr T, Worcestershire
I am in receipt of my order for the Rosa Mosqueta Moisturising cream. Thank you so much for the sample sachet and catalogues and for your ve...
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Ms K, Shropshire
Thank you very much for your speedy response. It arrived today!

Ms B, London
Thank you Sam, Great Service!

Mr K, NIreland
I just wanted to say how pleased I was with your service - my products got here the next day!! I'm so excited and I very much appreciate you...
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Mr J, Merseyside
Thank you for your quick service!

Ms I, London
This is incredibly fast! I am truly amazed! Thank you very much for your great service!

Ms H, Netherlands
Parcel received, thanks for the fantastic service.

Mrs B, Middlesex
Thank you for your speedy response. I am always pleased with your service and customer support.

Ms C, East Sussex
That was quick! Thank you.

Ms P, Northampton
Thank you for the quick reply and excellent service.

Ms A, Finland
That's very good service, thanks vm, and if I like your products ..... I'll be back!!

Ms C, London
My little parcel was delivered today. Highly delighted with my goodies. Thanks for the free gift and shampoo sample. Can't wait to try them ...
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Ms H, Lancashire
Everything has just arrived. My friends and I are very happy of the service.

Mrs P, Italy
Received yesterday, what excellent service, well done. Am looking forward to trying it now once I've used up my current body lotion. Thanks ...
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Mrs H, Southampton
Thank you. Next time i will tell all my friends about your website.

Ms B, Buckingham
Just to say I love the Honeysuckle shampoo and cond - perfect on my hair as it doesn't overcondition and weight it down. Definately sticking...
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Mrs A, Dorset
Just to say what a friendly and helpful service you provide. Your website is well presented and easy to navigate, and I'm looking forward to...
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Ms T, Dorset
Just a brief note to thank you for great service and a great product; the natural bown hair dye. As a middle aged guy with sensitive skin, I...
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Mr B, Northumberland
Thank you so much for sending the shaving cream. It arrived today. I'm very grateful.

Mr E, London
The parcel was received today. Many thanks for the expeditious service!

Ms A, London
Many thanks for your kind email - the order arrived well! I will let you know how I get on with these items. Thank you!

Miss M, Hertfordshire
Many thanks indeed for your prompt service - I have tried for years to find a moisturiser that doesn't make my skin react badly - so far so ...
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Mrs G, Wiltshire
Many thanks for your prompt despatch. Very fast and arrived safe. Excellent service thank you.

Mrs B, Cheshire
Thank you very much!

Miss M, Herts
Thank you for the speedy response!

Mrs A, Los Angeles
Just want to say (because not enough people do) that what an excellent service that I always get from Aubrey Organics. Thanks so much.

Mrs C, Bucks
Many thanks, much appreciated.

Mrs W, Lothians
Thank you very much for sending my order so quickly, it was for my Autistic son who was thrilled. It is a pleasure to deal with you.

Miss D, Hampshire
Wow! It said on your site that your service was quick.

Mr B, London
It arrived on Tuesday - many thanks for such a speedy service.

Ms C, Bedfordshire
Thank you once again for your fast service, the parcel arrived this morning and I am very pleased with the contents.

Mrs G, Hertfordshire
Parcel arrived today. I am so impressed! Many thanks for your excellent service.

Mrs V, Northants
Many Thanks for your confirmation. You have a great day.

Ms K, Lancashire
Thanks so much for letting me know. Speedy or what!!! I’ll look forward to receiving it.

Ms T, Dorset
Just a brief note to say Aubrey organics products are excellent! Thank you very much, the parcel was received today.

Mrs R, Sussex
I am a women with natural afro hair and it's great to find products that are as natural as my hair. JAY shampoo and Jojoba and Aloe conditio...
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Ms B, London
Great service - parcel arrived next day; as promised.

Mr W, Hampshire
Thank you for the prompt delivery of the order!

Mr A, Beds
Received today, thank you

Mrs T, Middlesex
It arrived yesterday, thanks for the very good service.

Mrs B, Middlesex
What can I say. I simply fall in love with your products. Shampoo from men's stock is great; I bought another one this time. And few other t...
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Mr W, Hampshire
Many thanks for your speedy service.

Mrs S, London
Thank you so much for your speed of delivery and great packaging. The products are great and I love everything about your easy website and y...
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Mrs C, South Gloucestershire
Recently discovering Aubrey's fantastic products, love them so far, x

Mrs C, Gloucestershire
Thanks! They arrived today.

Miss P, North Devon
Thanks for such a speedy service!

Ms G, Wiltshire
Wonderful products, wonderful service! Thanks.

Mrs L, Northamptonshire
I received my order yesterday already. Very fast delivery! Thank you very much! The tracking number was very handy. I saw yesterday that my ...
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Ms Y, Netherlands
Thanks, that's very efficient.....

Mrs P, Marlow
Thank you for the prompt despatch of my order.

Mrs S, Staffordshire
The free goodies have just been received safely - much appreciated. A great example of how a company with a good customer service policy can...
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Mr S, Leicestershire
Thank you for responding so quickly.

Miss D, Surrey
Thank you for your prompt service. I look forward to receiving the delivery.

Mr M, Seychelles
Thanks, I got the parcel yesterday and am trying out all the stuff - good idea to put the samples sachets in as well because I may now buy t...
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Mrs P, Bucks
Thank you very much for the prompt dispatch. I was surprised and pleased to receive it so quickly. Thanks again.

Miss R, Northern Ireland
Just a note to let you know that i have received my order and a big thank you for sorting this out so promptly, you have restored my confide...
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Ms A, Lancs
Thank you - what a great service!

Ms J, Essex
This worked a treat, thanks for being so flexible. My orders were delivered to my mum and to me the day after they were sent and Mum was so ...
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Ms P, Bucks
Many thanks for your email. My parcel arrived today and I was thrilled with the sample of shampoo which I have just used. Thank you for that...
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Mrs S, Bedfordshire
Hi, I'm pleased to inform you that the parcel with my items has arrived today, in a short time indeed. I'll be less anxious for the next ord...
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Mr M, Italy
Thanks very much for the speedy delivery. The products are lovely, I have been searching for a shampoo that doesnt contain any chemicals at ...
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Ms L, Surrey
Only ordered my shampoo yesterday and it arrived this morning. Very impressed particularly as it's the first time I have used the site. Than...
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Miss C, London
Thank you for your great customer service. You left me a message yesterday, another one today and now this email! I will definately be order...
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Mrs S, Northants
Thanks Mandy. So happy to have finally found a natural permanent hair colour. Haven't used it yet, but used the comp shampoo sachet - lovely...
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Ms S, London
Many thanks Sam. I look forward to receiving it and trying the products.

Ms D, Tottenham
I've been meaning to write to you for a long time so say that I was thrilled to discover this hairdye. Having used conventional hairdyes hal...
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Ms A, Leiceser
Thank you so much for such a prompt delivery! I received the package this morning!

Mrs W, Kent
Thanks once again for the fast service you provide.

Ms L, Croydon
Thank you all for the fast service, I have received my order.

Mr K, Hungary
Many thanks and thanks also for your fast delivery - I am always amazed at how quickly orders are processed and despatched.

Mrs S, Bedfordshire
Thank you so much. That's brilliant, it arrived to day and plenty of time for the hubby's birthday.

Mrs C, Morayshire
Thank you so much, it is greatly appreciated.

Ms D, Surrey
Thank you - that was quick!

Ms R, Kent
Thank you! What a relief - top customer service!

Mrs K, Hampshire
Thank you for your email, I have now received my order all intact and look forward to trying out my new shampoo.

Ms W, Kent
Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of my products. Much appreciated.

Ms P, Bournmouth
Thank you very much for the prompt despatch.

Ms F, Bermuda
Thank you for the speedy despatch.

Ms S, Staffordshire
Thanks for letting me know that my face cream had been dispatched and I'm happy to let you know that I received it the next day. I really ap...
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Ms N, Cheshire
I would just like to thank you, I have received the order and I am very pleased with the products, and thank you very much for enclosing the...
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Ms D, Austria
Thank you for such wonderful service.

Ms K, London
Thank you for a lovely product and a great service. Item arrived the next day :)

Ms F, West Sussex
That's great - can't wait to try my products.

Ms S, West Midlands
I would also like to add that the customer services team are super efficent at Aubrey and very helpful. FIVE STARS! Thanks Aubrey!

Mrs H, Lancashire
Wow, this is amazing! So quick!

Ms B, London
Thanks for your email. My order arrived yesterday morning which was great just one day after I placed it.

Mrs R, East Sussex
Perfect, thank you so much. Your customer service rating is definately 5 star!

Ms D, Norway
That was quick! Thank you very much.

Mrs O, Worchester
Just wanted to say how impressed I was. I placed my order yestereday and it arrived this morning - superb service. Products are amazing esp ...
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Ms M, Hertfordshire
Many thanks, Your ready help is most appreciated.

Ms H, London
Since using your skincare my skin has been in great condition! I'm so glad I have discovered your brand! Thank you

Mrs B, Kent
Thank you for letting me know and thanks for the super speedy order processing.

Ms L, London
I Re-discovered your products through some samples I was given - Now I am totally converted - For Life!

Ms E, Bristol
Thank you very much. Im looking forward to receiving my order. Ive heard so many wonderful things about Aubrey Organics products. Im very gr...
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Mrs H, London
Hello, Just wanted to send a quick note to say what a wonderful job you guys are doing. I recently moved to the UK from Canada and was happy...
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Mr M, Brighton
The best products I've ever used - even better than my expensive Clarins moisturiser! Thank you for such fantastic products!

Miss B, Conwy
Thank you so much for resending the order, recorded delivery item collected today just in time for Christmas

Mrs L, Herts
Just wanted to say that I have received my order and I couldn't believe how quickly it came! Thanks so much for your great service and I'm w...
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Ms N, Cheshire
Thanks Mandy, it arrived next day, great service

Mrs P, Bucks
First thanks so much for sending the samples previously and also for getting my order out to me so quickly. So far so good with all the hair...
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Miss M, Derbyshire